Android Apps


First time Android Phone was launched in October 2008 and , since then it has completely taken over the buzz in the mobile phone market. It has also created a new religion of mobile developers, propelling a change in the mobile handset and app economy. Over the time Android SDK has undoubtedly become the most popular platform globally. With over 80% of market share, Android just can not be ignored for your business.

It powered both mobile phones and tablets and a variety of devices, which the hardware manufacturers could freely use and customize. By September 2012, there were over 675,000 apps available for Android platform, with 25 billion applications downloaded from the Play Store. Every business or enterprise needs an innovative Android App for their customers, employees or partners. If you have a need for a kick-ass Android app Development, Blluetek Android Application Development Company is the right partner for you.

With the current Android phones and tablets divided between different Operating Systems (3.x, 4, 4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x and 4.4.x) and different screen sizes on the devices, Technical Design, Quality Analysis/Testing and validation on different Android devices is a crucial step. Thus, we possess an highly skilled and experienced Android Developers team dedicated to providing the best mobile experience for your audience.

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