Facebook Apps


Facebook is the world’s popular social media platform offering wide possibilities for social bookmarking, advertisement and branding of products and services. Facebook applications are the most effective tool for viral marketing and engaging potential users/ customers towards the business services.

The corporate world today needs branded Facebook applications which can market and promote their businesses effectively.Companies and brands whose target market falls in the typical Facebook user demographic have stuck gold with well designed Facebook apps. Beyond likes and shares, Facebook apps can help you get more engaged users, increased traffic to your own website and spikes in revenue.

Designing and Developing a Facebook Application is way different than Developing a Mobile App or Website altogether.

There are a number of factors in play here. We have to take care for :

  Be sure you are not violating Facebook’s ever changing legal and policy positions

  Adopt to Facebook’s unpredictable changes in user interface

  Figure out a business model that does not run afoul of Facebook’s goals

Blluetek understands that Social Media marketing is a vital need for all companies and brands. We work very closely with various many marketing agencies and/ or clients all over the world to provide consultancy and/ or build Facebook applications.

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