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HTML stands for “HyperText Mark-up Language”. HTML is like mother tongue of browser.HTML is the basic scripting language to build a website. No matter how attractive and creative the design is, if it is not scripted and coded well, it will not be functional. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the code makes sense in order to avoid any ‘tag soup’, which may be caused by faulty HTML syntax and structure.

HTML 5 is the extension of HTML with additions of more and more tags to cater the specific needs and requirements of, developers and designers . Content can be managed more properly by using HTML 5. With the introduction of services like, Canvas, Geolocation etc HTML 5 has really empowered the developers.

At Blluetek we have people with more than 3 years experience of work in HTML 5, hence we can take care for any of the requirement very easily. We are not willing to compromise anything over Quality of work, hence your satisfaction is our prize.

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