Mobile SEO


The mobile web have been growing rapidly, with the releases of new mobile platforms. Among the very popular platforms include the Windows Phone series, Android phones, the iOS platform, and the Blackberry platform. With the increase in the mobile phone users it is becoming increasingly important to develop mobile website for your visitors. These days almost all the small or big enterprises are concentrating in the mobile versions of their websites.

As the people browsing over mobile have increased exponentially, Mobile marketing has also got more importance over the years. It is not only growing- actually it’s exploding! In 2011-12, over 50% of cell phone users in the US alone were Smartphone users. More than 50% of cell phone users used their cell phone while in a retail outlet to get help while making a purchase. Amazingly, today’s buyer is not influenced as much by his wife, or friend, while making a purchase. Guess who is the main decision influencer – It’s the mobile phone!!

The phenomenon called ‘Tablet’ managed to accomplish in just 3 years, what the cell phone did in 9 years – it crossed the 40 million mark in just 3 years. In fact, in 2012 Tablet sales have crossed the 100 million mark!!

Out of all these facts the Mobile SEO has become more and more important to ensure the long term profitability of your Business.

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